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What is programmatic advertising?

what is programmatic advertisingAs a company, who specialise on all things related to paid search, recently more and more people are asking us. What is programmatic advertising?

What is programmatic advertising and why is it different?

So what is programmatic advertising. Let me talk firstly about display advertising. This method of advertising has been around for many, many years, however in its current format people who use it as part of their marketing mix are conscious that it isn’t the most highly targeted, it is very hard to manage and track, especially through tablet or mobile and is more inclined to having the killing a mosquito with a cannon ball effect. Things have now changed! For the better, so what is programmatic advertising? It is a more cost effective way of targeting your demographic through display advertising. It can target a geo area, gender, age and include buying habits and online search habits.

Take this as a simple example;

If you wanted to target females in Manchester, age between 20 and 25, who have recently or just purchased a smart phone, you can target them with a smart phone cover advert. Even if they have never visited your website before!

Hopefully this will go some way in explaining what is programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising and what to expect?

With ourselves programmatic advertising is one of the specialist areas we deal with. Firstly you can expect a FREE consultation where we will gather as much info as possible on the type of customer you are hoping to target, which websites they are likely to visit and what search terms they could be using. Once we have completed the research we will get back to you on what we feel would be a good budget based on the impression shares we can see this type of potential customer making over a month online and what or how many enquiries/sales to expect.

So the next time you are asking yourself what is programmatic advertising get in touch with ourselves on 0141 278 6711 to see if we can help you target your ideal audience online.


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