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Two Hats Digital was set up by Colin Fulton. Colin brings years of online experience having dealt with hundreds of online marketing campaigns over the years.

The company has been set up to dedicate their time focusing on two main products, which are:

  • Paid Search – PPC. Display. Programmatic Display, Re – Targeting and Google Shopping
  • Pay Per Lead or pay per Enquiry – Working with companies, who only pay when one of two hats digital ranked websites starts producing enquiries and only pay per enquiry, no set up fees, no set monthly fees, no risk!

Two Hats Digital – Paid Search

Having ran literally hundreds of successful paid search campaigns over the last 10 years, covering many different industries and sectors Two Hats Digital will work with clients to achieve their best return on investment via this on-line marketing channel. So if you are looking to squeeze every ounce out of your budget, to make it work best for you, let our experience show you how this is possible.

Two hats digital programmatic display

Programmatic display is the present and future of paid search advertising. It is the newest innovation in on-line advertising, it helps connect consumers with compelling products and services. By the end of 2014 in the UK up to 47% of display campaigns were managed pro-grammatically.

Two Hats Digital – Pay Per Lead

Most partners who use our pay per lead services have came to us because:

  • They are happy with their current SEO provider or do it themselves in-house but are still frustrated as they need more enquiries to take the company to the another level.
  • They know the internet is a great lead provider but are constrained to do more as their marketing budget just won’t stretch or they frightened to take a risk on something new without a guaranteed ROI.
  • They have tried traditional SEO before and are frustrated as it just hasn’t worked and are nervous to take the same kind of risks again.


Before Two Hats Digital start any partnership, a face to face fact finding meeting is necessary however let’s try and explain how this works. Over the last 10 years we have ranked hundreds of websites on the first page of the search engines, yes we are very good at this. We are so confident in our abilities, what we offer here is a no risk pay per lead business model where the client will only pay when our websites start producing enquiries for them.


Two Hats Digital will look at any industry, particularly the following:



Divorce lawyers, family lawyers, wills and executors, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Personal injury lawyers and defence lawyers.



Denture Implants, Cosmetic/Non Cosmetic surgery/facial treatments/ dermal fillers, Hair replacement, Breast enlargement/reduction/facelifts/General plastic surgery.


We will also look at roofing, chiropractic, locksmith, drain clearing, windscreen repair, double glazing repair, skip hire or rubbish removal and anything else we feel would work.

The process is really simple:

  1. We partner up with a company.
  2. Agree on a cost per lead/call or appointment.
  3. Two Hats Digital rank websites within the clients chosen industry.
  4. The websites start producing enquiries.
  5. The partner agrees which enquiries are business opportunities.
  6. The partner then pays for a quality enquiry only.

If you feel Two Hats Digital is the right online partner for your company, get in touch today on 0141 278 6711.

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