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Display advertising in its current format should no longer command the budgets you may, as a company, have spent in the past. Which is why as a company we only offer Programmatic Display campaigns for our clients or if you as a company are new to online advertising let us try and explain the difference and why you should start with programmatic display first.

Display Advertising or Programmatic Display – what’s the difference?

Display AdvertisingThe best way to explain the difference between normal display advertising and programmatic display advertising is to give you two different examples:

Example 1 – Normal display advertising

You advertise in a local or national newspaper and they offer you a display campaign on their website. They are getting hundreds of thousands of hits every day resulting in zillions of impressions some of which they will sell to you as surely out of these zillions of impressions some are bound to be looking for your product or service, right?

Example 2 – Programmatic Display Advertising

You advertise with us, we target people, on the web, who have been searching online or on your competitors websites for your service or product, because these people have shown an interest in what you do we display your advert to them.

Let us ask you now: “Which type of display advertising would you like to use?”

Display Advertising – reporting results

OK so let’s again take the two examples above and see the results.

What you will find in example 1 is that they will tell you to look at your google analytics where you will see something pretty similar to this; thousands of visits, bounce rate at over 90%, time on site at less than 20 seconds and average page views at less than 2 oh and if you are luck a 0.001% conversion rate.

What you will find in example 2 is a real time report which will track performance across all screens including Smartphone’s, tablets, and desktops. Thousands of quality visits, bounce rate equivalent to a ppc campaign, time on site the same and average page views as well oh and a conversion rate better than any form of advertising available in the market today.

If you are thinking about any form of display advertising, before you commit, get in touch today call us on 0141 278 6711 and see if Programmatic display is the right choice for your company!

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