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Programmatic display is the present and future of paid search advertising. It is the newest innovation in online advertising, it helps connect consumers with compelling products and services. By the end of 2014 in the UK up to 47% of display campaigns were managed programmatically.

Programmatic Display – how does it work?

programmatic displayProgrammatic Display enables buyers and sellers to instantly trade their digital advertising inventory or space in real time. Very similar to an above the line stock exchange, however rather than trading stocks it’s impressions that are traded. Before programmatic display, digital display advertising was sold in bulk and was a time-consuming and inefficient process.

What is now on offer via Programmatic has massive benefits for advertisers who in real time are able to display adverts to an exact audience that they want to target, reducing the guess work and wasted spend, no more can online display advertising be compared to trying to kill a mosquito with a cannon.

Programmatic display has also brought a far superior quality on how adverts are displayed which include features such as filmstrips, sliders, and sidekicks. Programmatic is also transforming the video ad industry TV advertisers in particular are looking to close the gap between digital and TV by adopting programmatic to extend TV campaigns across all digital screens as improvements in messaging, format, and aesthetics will be applied to rich media, video, and native advertising.

Where consumers are engaging online via desktop, Smartphone’s and tablets, mobile programmatic is growing significantly, video ad formats are particularly effective on mobile and tablet. So if you were previously reluctant to invest in mobile advertising because it was so hard to track, programmatic display offers a solution, as device recognition technology fills the gaps where other sources of tracking performed ineffectively, this enables companies and brands to reach consumers on their screen of choice.

Programmatic Display – why choose us?

If you are looking to include programmatic into your marketing mix using us will offer many benefits including;

  • Access to a wide range of inventory with preferred access to premium inventory.
  • The ability to combine a variety of ad formats in marketing campaigns such as rich media, native, video, and display ads.
  • The potential to serve ads and track performance across all screens including Smartphone’s, tablets, and desktops.
  • A quality assurance program that implements fraud detection measures and makes traffic quality a high priority.

So if you, like us, see buying and selling digital media through programmatic display channels as the future of advertising for your company or brand please get in touch today!

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