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Programmatic Display – Introduction

Programmatic display advertising to companies in Glasgow and Edinburgh might seem like the future of digital advertising but it is also the present. The next stage is set to transform the online advertising landscape just like pay per click did 10 years ago. It is the largest and newest innovation in online and above the line advertising, helping to connect consumers with fantastic products and services. For the advertiser it can help target precise audiences whilst showing a measurable return in investment.

Programmatic Display – a dynamic new marketplace

Programmatic DisplayThe model is very similar to that of the stock market. Programmatic display enables sellers and buyers in real time to trade their impression inventory. Unlike traditional display advertising Programmatic offers massive benefits for companies and brands, who can target exact audiences at scale across multiple sites, reducing the guesswork you will find in normal display campaigns. In the US and even here in the UK Programmatic is growing at a phenomenal rate, but the model remains relatively simple. Its success has enabled humans to through away their spreadsheets and focus on the unique custom experiences – including a new range of ad formats – high quality rich media ad – including features such as sliders, filmstrips and sidekicks.

Programmatic display has also transformed the video ad industry by making it more quality measurable and automated. Historically there has been a lack of quality video advertising for medium to large companies as they seen it as expensive however programmatic display provides the inventory and analytics to make automated video advertising an attractive proposition for any size company. With more and more local TV advertising becoming more popular and affordable to all TV see programmatic as a way to close the gap between TV and Digital by extending TV adverts across digital screens.

Programmatic Display – Cross-screen

Multiple DisplaysWe all know potential customers are switching and consuming content on different screens from TV to smart phones, tablets to desktop, seamlessly, which is why companies now need to adopt to showing their adverts in formats that suit the consumer. For programmatic display standardised mobile ad units for native and video programmatic are being developed which is why advertisers are already buying mobile ads programmatically where previously they were reluctant to invest in mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising, in particular, was hard to track conversions and retargeting as traditional tracking relied on cookies. On mobile phones cookie functionality varied by device and did not work effectively where as now device recognition technology fills the gaps which allows tracking across all connected screens.

Programmatic Display – what to look for

If you are looking to integrate programmatic into your marketing mix you should look for an exchange that offers the following benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of inventory with preferred access to premium inventory.
  • The ability to combine a variety of ad formats in marketing campaigns such as rich media, native, video, and display ads.
  • The potential to serve ads and track performance across all screens including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • A quality assurance program that implements fraud detection measures and makes traffic quality a high priority.

For more information and to prove how buying and selling digital advertising through programmatic display is the future of advertising get in touch today.


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