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Two Hats Digital pay per lead or pay per enquiry business model was born from sheer frustration. We are very aware that companies are being bombarded with emails and calls from so called digital experts promising the world and delivering nothing, well at Two Hats Digital things are different.

Pay per Enquiry – is it for your company?

  • You might already do your SEO in-house or are relatively happy with your current SEO provider yet are still anxious as you still need more enquiries to take the company to the another level.
  • Your frightened or constrained because as a company you just can’t afford to allow your current marketing budget take any more risks on something new without a guaranteed ROI.
  • You have tried traditional SEO before and are angry as it just hasn’t worked and are nervous to take the same kind of risks again.

pay per enquiryWhat we bring to the table in any of our business relationships is over 10 years experience in ranking websites, yes we are very good at this. We are so confident in our abilities, what we offer here is a no risk pay per lead or pay per enquiry business model, where you, the client will only pay when our websites start producing leads/enquiries.

What we expect from our partners is an experienced enquiry answering team that will turn our enquiries into real business opportunities. This is why pay per enquiry will work.

Two Hats Digital will look at any industry and geographical area, for example our service covers the following;


Divorce lawyers, family lawyers, wills and executors, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Personal injury lawyers and defence lawyers.


Denture Implants, Cosmetic/Non Cosmetic surgery/facial treatments/ dermal fillers, Hair replacement, Breast enlargement/reduction/facelifts/General plastic surgery.


We will also look at roofing, chiropractic, locksmith, drain clearing, windscreen repair, double glazing repair, skip hire or rubbish removal and anything else we feel would work.

Pay Per Enquiry – the process

The pay per lead or pay per enquiry process is really simple;

1. We partner up with a company.

2. Agree on a cost per lead/call or appointment.

3. Two Hats Digital rank websites within the clients chosen industry and geographical areas.

4. The websites start producing enquiries, only for that partner.

5. The partner agrees which enquiries are business opportunities.

6. The partner then pays for a quality enquiry only.

Using our cutting edge reporting systems the partner can listen to calls and see online enquiries only our websites have produced. These enquiries are for that client only, unlike traditional pay per enquiry companies or tele-sales companies where the enquiry/lead is sold to different companies. These online enquiries or calls go direct to our partners and that partner alone and are recorded to allow our partner decide if the lead/enquiry is worth paying for.

Simple really, no upfront costs, no website to pay for, no monthly fees, no risk, just a proven business model where both parties really do win!!

Contact us today and let’s see if we can work together on a pay per enquiry basis!

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