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Pay per click – 5 tips on how best to start a pay per click campaign

Today we will look at pay per click, sometimes known as google adwords or ppc.

pay per click

Pay per click – the start

Tip 1

Keyword research: Always carry out extensive keyword research. It is just as important to have a list of negative keywords as it is to have a list of the keywords you are bidding on. Make sure your negative list contains broad as well as phrase match keywords.

Tip 2

Advert groups: Once you have decided which keywords you are bidding on split them up into advert groups and have at least 2 x adverts per advert group and make adverts sufficiently different to allow for split testing to be meaningful. Have fewer than 20 keywords per advert group if possible.

Tip 3

Adverts: Adverts are a massively important part of any pay per click campaign. Making sure things like; Search term appears in the ad headline, Search term appears in the ad description, Use of Title Case in Headline and Use of url extension (text after “/” in display url field) and so much more.

Tip 4

Advert position: In general terms avert position on desktop should be in the top 3 and on mobile the top 2. If you start the pay per click campaign in the top positions once you have satisfied Google that your advert is most relevant you can reduce your bid through time whilst still gaining the top positions.

Tip 5

Advert split testing: Throughout the campaign make sure you are split testing the adverts. Monitor which keywords work best with which adverts. Which adverts are getting the best ctr and then which adverts linked to dlp’s are getting the best conversions.

Pay per click – get in  touch

Over the coming months we will be looking at other tips on how to get the best from your pay per click campaigns, however if you simply do not have the time to do this yourself take advantage of our FREE pay per click audit today!


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