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Within all our online campaigns, we also run retargeting campaigns alongside. This type of marketing is essential to any company driving traffic to their websites, wither this traffic is coming via online marketing activities or through more traditional methods such as magazine, newspaper, radio or tv, retargeting is now an essential part of the marketing mix.

Retargeting – what is it?

retargetingHave you ever visited a website to look at a product or service, then for some strange reason for days after that, whilst surfing the net, the company who’s website you visited, has adverts appearing, tempting you to click on and re-visit that website? If you have experienced this chances are you are being retargeted!

You see every device – laptop (ip address or pixel); i-pad (ip address or pixel) or Smartphone (ip address or phone recognition) leaves, let’s call it, a unique fingerprint. When a website that is using retargeting software gets this unique finger print, it throws a pixel on it and follows it around, so when it visits a website that allows display advertising (sites like mumsnet, ebay, gumtree or even newspaper websites) the software will re display an advert, in the hope it will drive you back to the website you visited, pretty simple really!

Retargeting – the costs

Considering how targeted this type of advertising is the costs compared to most online marketing are very minimal, we would always recommend including it in any SEO or PPC campaign and of course any other type of marketing you are doing that will drive people to your website such as newspaper, radio or TV.

We would recommend a budget of around £100 per 1000 web visits. The more web visits you are getting the more people you will need to retarget, so makes sense, yes? What is also very important is the ad copy you display, it is essential in retargeting that this copy is both professional looking and has wording tempting enough to make the customer come back. Have you ever engaged with a potential customer and when they have left looked at it and said “I wish I done this or said that”? Well with retargeting now is your chance to re-engage, bring them back and what you will find is a great quality enquiry.

To discuss your companies retargeting needs get in touch today and let us show you how this form of marketing will work best!

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