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Pay per click, google adwords or PPC are common names for pay per click advertising. So for now we will call it pay per click advertising.

Pay per Click – I can do this myself, right?

pay per clickYes we have, in the past, worked with companies already using pay per click advertising either doing it themselves or through another agency. We pride ourselves in making any pay per click campaign the very best it can be, we offer a free audit on existing campaigns and before we start show the customer how much we can improve their existing campaigns by, a no brainer really! If you are new to pay per click advertising then we will show you before we start what results to expect and the time it will take to achieve this.

Things to consider when running your own pay per click campaign:

Set up: 

  • Device selection
  • Network selection
  • Campaign type selection
  • Time of day to display adverts
  • Keywords to target on broad or exact match
  • extensive negative keyword lists implemented in campaigns containing broad and phrase match keywords
  • Advert groups, how many keywords to include per ad group
  • how many site links per campaign
  • adding phone call extensions
  • AB testing at least 2 x adverts per advert group
  • advert copy to be meaningfully different to allow split test to be successful
  • how to get desktop or mobile adverts in best average position without under or over spending
  • how to set up and how many DLP’s should be used per campaign
  • Location targeting appropriate to the business
  • and so much more…

On Going: 

  • Monitor adverts to get best click through rate
  • monitor which keywords work best with which adverts
  • monitor which landing pages are getting best conversion rate
  • monitor which days get best conversions
  • monitor which time of day campaign gets most conversions
  • monitor which keywords get best conversions
  • add long tailed keywords to campaign based on which keywords get best conversions
  • and so much more…

Pay per Click – why choose us?

Quite simply our experience. Back when we started doing paid search, over 10 years ago now, things have changed dramatically. More and more companies are doing this type of advertising so competition is much higher, however the good news is the more competition dong pay per click the more people are doing it badly, which is where our experience comes in, the one fundamental thing that hasn’t changed is Googles concept re it will reward the companies who’s adverts and websites are the most relevant, it is our job whilst managing any campaign to make our clients campaigns the most relevant.

Trust us to do what we are good at re to manage your pay per click campaign and we will let you get on with what you are good at, running your company!

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