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paid searchPaid search from Two Hats Digital covers all of the online offerings available on the market today. If you are looking for an experienced partner in ppc, programmatic display, google shopping or re-targeting we have the experience and know how in getting the best ROI.

Paid Search: 

  • Pay per click
  • Google shopping
  • Re-targeting

Most of our paid search campaigns we run, are for clients that have came to us because:

  • They are new to online marketing, are scared to try it themselves or just don’t have the skills or enough hours in the day to manage it themselves.
  • They have tried it themselves and are frustrated as they just couldn’t get it to work and need some help.
  • Are looking to change provider as they are upset with their existing companies results and feel they are not getting the best return on investment.

With these types of paid search campaigns a successful campaign is all about experience. Colin Fulton our MD has ran hundreds of successful paid search campaigns covering many different industries. Colin personally overseas all our campaigns making sure every single penny of a clients budget is used where it is most effective.

All our clients can log into their own campaign reporting where they will see daily updates with a weekly report sent to discuss with Colin. All the campaign reports separate the results you are getting from ppc, re-targetting or google shopping, it will also allow the client to see which advert groups are producing the most enquiries, which adverts are working best, which keywords are performing best and so on. Getting this information and showing it to the clients allows us to make decisions together as to where we should be spending the budget thus making the campaign perform to its best, we call this campaign optimisation where the campaign gets better the more it has matured.

Paid Search – Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display is happening now and we believe has a massive future in digital advertising, and is set to transform the paid search online advertising landscape once again. Which is why Two Hats Digital has teamed up with the largest UK provider of Programmatic Display using their experience to get the best results and ROI available in the market today. To read more on how programmatic display works please click here where you will find a dedicated page explaining how this type of online marketing could benefit your company.

Or give us a call on 0141 278 6711.

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