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lead generation websiteSo you have built your new website and now you are hoping it turns into a lead generation website. You have your marketing plan in place which may include driving traffic to your website using local press, tv or radio, specialist magazines and of course on-line lead generation including pay per click and search engine optimisation. At first it is quite exciting however reality kicks in and you suddenly realise that your lead generation website isn’t producing leads or the amount of leads you need, you see whatever it is you are doing to generate traffic to your website things just don’t happen overnight, or do they? What if there was another way where the leads really do start coming in immediately?

Lead generation website – What makes you guys different?

As a highly experienced digital marketing team we have already done all the hard work for you. We have built a lead generation website for you, one that we know has a great conversion rate already so no need to spend money sending traffic to your website and then making changes to get that conversion rate up. OH and did we mention you don’t have to pay for the lead generation website? Not a single penny now or ever!

lead generation websiteAll of our existing clients have never paid for a website or;

  1. No upfront costs at all for anything.
  2. No on-going website costs ever.
  3. No up-front or on-going marketing cost ever.
  4. Only pay for a genuine enquiry that they have agreed to pay for.
  5. All leads go direct to our clients in real time.
  6. No other company gets the lead it is unique to our clients and our clients alone.
  7. Our clients only ever pay for the lead after it is qualified by them (in most cases our clients have either set up a meeting or sold their service before they even pay for the lead).
  8. No risk what so ever.

We must emphasise our lead generation website service does not replace the internet marketing our clients are doing at the moment. We do not interfere in any way with their current website, website provider or SEO/PPC providers. There is no complicated set up for this what so ever.

Lead generation website – sounds too good to be true!

It is often said before a client starts on our lead generation website service that it sounds too good to be true or what’s the catch? We can assure anyone thinking of becoming a client of ours that there truly is no risk what so ever.

Still not convinced that our lead generation website service is not for you, well get in touch and we will supply you with real clients contact details who we are actually working with right now in your geographical area.


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