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Lead generation techniques

lead generation techniquesLead generation techniques is something every company will have to really look into at some stage along the line. Wither you are a new start company or a one-man band and sme, large or corporate company all and sundry at some point will have to look at lead generation techniques.

Lead generation techniques- Which are best?

The million-dollar question is which lead generation techniques are best. The honest answer is it depends on what type of company you are and what works best. Some start-up companies initially might look at family and friends word of mouth to at least start in their lead generation, this might always be enough as word of mouth grows the more satisfied customers you get so pound for pound this is possibly one of the very best lead generation techniques, however in most cases this way of generating leads tends to dry up or the company might have ambitions to grow and growth would mean more leads. So what’s out there? Traditional lead generation techniques could involve a local newspaper or specialist magazine; leaflet drop or trade show. Companies might also try their hand in radio or local tv advertising. Externally there are billboards and gorilla marketing as well all of these are proven methods that help all different types of companies generate leads for their business, so why is it that some do better than others. We believe a mixture of timing and luck, good advert copy or an excellent offer in fact there are latterly thousands of combinations that van make or break traditional lead generation techniques success. As a digital agency we see on-line lead generation techniques as being no different to that of tried and tested proven lead generation.

lead generation techniquesLead generation techniques – So why are you different?

We are always asked what makes our on-line lead generation techniques different to that of other digital marketing agencies, I could sum this up quite easily;

  1. No upfront costs to any of our clients what so ever.
  2. No website costs what so ever.
  3. No on-going website costs ever.
  4. No up-front or on-going marketing cost ever.
  5. Our clients only pay for a genuine enquiry that you have agreed to pay for.
  6. All leads go direct to our clients in real time.
  7. No other company gets the lead it is unique to our clients only.
  8. Our clients only pay for a lead after it is qualified by them (in most cases our clients have either set up a meeting or sold their service before they even pay for the lead).
  9. No complicated set up, just an email address, phone number, mobile number and contact details are all that is required.
  10. No risk to our clients what so ever.


We must emphasise that our lead generation techniques do not replace the internet marketing being doing at the moment. We do not interfere in any way with a client’s current website, website provider or SEO/PPC providers.

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