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lead generation companiesMost businesses life blood is to get new clients or customers. Lead generation companies have been around since day one. There are many different types of lead generation companies, telecan, doorcan or online, all in their own way offer a service which will ultimately generate leads or sales for your company.

Lead generation companies – what makes us different?

At twohats digital we are different in our methods which sets us aside from most  lead generation companies. What we offer is an honest and proven working relationship where both the customer and ourselves are in a win win situation.

Firstly all leads/enquiries come from people searching online. We use our experience in all things related to online marketing. Our methods we have tried and tested for over 12 years. So what makes us different/unique?

Unlike most lead generation companies we;

  1. Don’t ask for a penny upfront.
  2. The client does not pay for a website or changes to their website.
  3. The client only pays when they get a quality enquiry that they themselves have approved.
  4. The client is the only company that receives the enquiry that they pay for.
  5. The client does not pay for any of the marketing costs EVER!

Lead generation companies – can we work together?

Considering all of the above, you can imagine, as far as lead generation companies go, we are one of the very best and at the same time are very picky on who we want to work with. What we do offer is a FREE consultation, which must be face to face and include everyone who has a major say in the business. This consultation will include a vigorous question and answer session which may include questions that you the client might be uncomfortable with. We don’t mean to be arrogant but unlike other lead generation companies we WILL invest a lot of our own time and money into making our relationship work as best it can. We are looking for companies who want a long lasting working relationship, so if you feel up to this, contact our MD Colin Fulton on 0141 278 6711 or drop him an email on


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