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lead generation agencyTwohats Digital has brought something unique to lead generation in the UK. As a lead generation agency we have a service that really is second to none where the client receives a fantastic return on investment.

Lead generation agency – what makes you different?

As far as a lead generation agency goes our offering is both unique and very easy to implement. Please see below just 10 good reasons why our offering is far better than anything any other lead generation agency is offering;

Please see below 10 reasons why you should use our pay per lead model.


  1. No risk what so ever.
  2. No on-going website costs ever.
  3. No up-front or on-going marketing cost ever.
  4. All leads go directto you in real time.
  5. Only pay for a genuine enquiry that you have agreed to pay for.
  6. No other company gets the lead it is unique to you and you alone.
  7. Our lowest lead to sale conversion is 6/10.(10 leads = 6 sales).
  8. Our highest lead to sale conversion is 9/10.(10 leads = 9 sales).
  9. Pay for the lead after it is qualified by you(in most cases our clients have either set up a meeting or sold their service before they even pay for the lead).
  10. No up – front costs.

Lead generation agency – what is involved

We must emphasise that this does not replace the internet marketing you are doing at the moment. We do not interfere in any way with your current website, website provider or SEO/PPC providers. There is no complicated set up for this what so ever. As a lead generation agency we only work with you in getting more leads from the internet.

It is pretty simple really;

  1. We partner up with a company.
  2. Agree on a cost per lead/enquiry.
  3. Two Hats Digital rank and market websites within the clients chosen industry and geographical areas.
  4. The websites start producing enquiries, only for that partner.
  5. The partner agrees which enquiries are business opportunities.
  6. The partner then pays for a quality enquiry only.


For a face to face meeting with our lead generation agency team, to discuss how many more leads your company can handle, please get in touch today on 0141 278 6711.


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