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lead forensicsTwohats digital, in Glasgow, Scotland, are proud to announce their partnership with Lead Forensics. As an added string to the twohats bow, leads forensic gives our clients more insight into the business to business traffic that is coming to their websites. Lead Forensics are a company with head offices her in the UK with over 250 employees globally and new members of the team joining on a weekly basis. Lead Forensics now has one of the UK’s fastest growing development teams, enabling the business to evolve and innovate at a ferocious rate.

As Twohats Digital are active users of the software, we highly recommend this to our existing and future clients.

Lead Forensics – what is it?

If you are a company selling services or products to businesses as opposed to the general public then lead forensics might just be the thing for you. Imagine if you could take control of visitors who come to your website before your competitors even get the chance? Lead Forensics is a software that will identify anonymous website traffic, that high percentage of traffic that don’t actually enquire but have spent a lot of time on your website, allowing your sales team to turn them into actionable sales leads. In real-time. The software allows your company sales people to see the identity of your unconverted website visitors, delivering them instant visitor contact data to feed into their lead-hungry pipelines. To get a FREE demonstration on the product now, click HERE.

Lead Forensics – what information does it show?

The information gained, from lead forensics software, in real time includes; the business that visited your website, their location and website address, with contact details. It will also reveal valuable information on what they did during their visit, the pages they looked at, time spent on these pages, what they searched for and how many times they visited your website, with this information we find our clients get good quality leads without a lengthy qualification process in fact the data received really is low lying fruit where the visitor is already into the buyer consideration stage.

Lead forensics – what’s the next stage?

The next step would be to see a demonstration of the actual product/software. The is FREE and with no obligation, if you like what you see we will then offer a FREE trial, this will allow you to see how good the lead forensics product works for you before you pay a single penny. To arrange this simply click HERE where you will be taken to a page to get started. Or call Twohats Digital, Glasgow, on 0141 278 6711.


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