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business leadsCompanies all have their own way of marketing for business leads. Back when the internet was not even on the radar companies would predominately include papers, magazines, leaflets, posters, radio and TV as part of their marketing plans. Some companies could also get business leads by hiring an external lead generation company such as a call centre. All of these marketing strategies are still all available to generate enquiries today however in the last 5 years more and more companies have turned to the internet as their main source of marketing for leads.

Business leads – what strategies does the internet have?

Generating business leads from the internet would normally mean hiring an external company that will deal with promoting the client’s website on-line. Techniques such as pay per click/Google AdWords, programmatic display, Google shopping and Search Engine Optimisation are the normal ways of promoting a website online. Here at Twohats Digital we offer a slightly different technique, an on-line service pretty similar to an external lead generation company such as a call centre with the main difference being all the business leads come from customers searching on-line.

Our pay per lead or pay per enquiry service does not interfere with anything else the client is doing with their own website, most of our current clients have come to us because;

They were already doing SEO in-house or externally and were relatively happy with the current SEO provider yet were still anxious as they still need more enquiries to take the company to the another level or they may have been frightened or constrained because as a company they just can’t afford to allow their current marketing budget take any more risks on something new without a guaranteed ROI or they might have tried traditional SEO before and are angry as it just hasn’t worked and are nervous to take the same kind of risks again. These and more were just some of the reasons our existing clients have come on board with us to generate more business leads.

Business leads – what makes your pay per lead different?

What makes us unique when generating our client’s business leads? There is many different reasons however we have shortened this down to our 8 best reasons which are as follows;


  1. No upfront costs.
  2. No on-going website costs ever.
  3. No up-front or on-going marketing cost ever.
  4. Only pay for a genuine enquiry that you have agreed to pay for.
  5. All leads go direct to you in real time.
  6. No other company gets the lead it is unique to you and you alone.
  7. Pay for the lead after it is qualified by you (in most cases our clients have either set up a meeting or sold their service before they even pay for the lead).
  8. No risk what so ever

So if your company needs more business leads why not get in touch with Twohats Digital today, we are sure we can solve any lead gen problems you may have. Call our Glasgow office today on 0141 278 6711.


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