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appointment setting companiesMore and more businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr and indeed the whole of the UK are looking at third party appointment setting companies. Traditional telemarketing companies have been around now for many years and are still generating leads for all sorts of businesses. Now that on-line marketing is an important way for any business to generate leads it is no wonder that more and more appointment setting companies are turning to the internet to generate leads for clients. At Twohats Digital we offer 3 services, a cost per call service, a cost per lead service and a cost per appointment service, all done on-line.

Appointment setting companies – What’s the difference from your three services?

We have many clients who choose our pay per lead/enquiry, pay per call or pay per appointment service. We feel traditional SEO or search engine optimisation is going this way which is bad news for companies that are terrible at SEO but good news for on-line appointment setting companies like ourselves who are proven specialists in on-line marketing as we will only get paid if we rank the websites, which we are very good at and the client starts getting quality enquiries!

Let’s look at the 3 services;

  1. Pay per call – our clients using this service pay for every call except sales calls from other companies offering them a service or product.
  2. Pay per lead – our clients using this service only pay for a genuine opportunity for business that does or could lead to a sale or appointment.
  3. Pay per appointment – our clients using this service only pay if the enquiry leads to an appointment.

All appointment setting companies work different whither they are on-line or offline but most generally offer a great no risk ROI for the client that they are working with.

Appointment setting companies – Will it work for me?

As one of only a few an appointment setting companies based in Scotland we will only deal with the one company in the one geographical area at any one time. We have clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayr, Newcastle, Liverpool and other parts of the UK. We will only work with companies based in the UK and who are looking for a long lasting partnership. If you are looking for genuine on-line appointment setting companies and feel we can help generate quality enquiries for your company give us a call on 0141 278 6711.


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